USB Type-C to Micro USB Cable
Type-C to MicroUSB 2.0
USB-C to Micro USB Cable 〔2.0〕#14
USB Type-C Manufacturing Factory
Wins-fullglory has good factory management and strict quality control,
getting the UL,ISO Certification & MFi Manufacture Licensee certification.
USB Type-C Cable Manufacturing Factory
Type-C to Type-C Cable , to USB 2.0 Cable , to Micro USB 2.0 Cable ,
to USB 3.0 Cable , to Micro USB 3.0 Cable .
USB Type-C Hub Manufacturer
Type-C Cable to Multi-Port HUB, to HDMI HUB,to VGA Female HUB, to Display Port HUB.
USB Type-C Adaptor Manufacturer
Type-C to USB Adaptor & Micro USB Adaptor, to Memory CARD Reader.
USB Type-C Connector Manufacturer
USB Type-C to Type-C Connector.